Fred Yard Goods Cheep Eats Food Truck Bird Feeder


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Fred Yard Goods Cheep Eats Food Truck Bird Feeder

Fred Cheep Eats Food Truck Bird Feeder is so fly. It’s the perfect food truck pit stop for all the hungry birds in your neighbourhood.

Who says birds don’t like food trucks just as much as humans do? This ceramic bird feeder will certainly make all your neighbourhood birds tweet with pure joy!


There’s nothing better than cheap, delicious food truck food. Even birds seem to love a good food truck meal! Now you can give your neighbourhood birds what they want: a food truck made just for them. This bird feeder is ceramic and comes with a removable metal tray. The tray fits inside the feeder and has a perch on each side. The Food Truck Bird Feeder comes twine, so you can hang the feeder wherever you like.

Dimensions: 17.5x 15.5 x 14cm

Included Twine is approx. 2.3m in length

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Weight0.99 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 15 cm