Gasoline Mint Box


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Gasoline Mint Box

This regular sized Gasoline Mint Box is made in Germany & licensed by Nostalgic Art.

The pretty tins are filled with peppermints which can also be re-filled with more sweets, small change or anything you want to store in a small container.

Sized at 6 x 4 x 1.6cm our mint boxes find room in every pocket. They are imprinted all around and are made from sturdy sheet metal.  This ensures that the contents are not damaged in even the untidiest handbags or glove compartments.

SKU: NA81280


  • Features embossed text & images on the lids.
  • Genuine licensed product
  • Made in Germany by Nostalgic Art
  • Peppermints included


  • 6cm L x 4cm W x 1.6cm H

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